Incident Management

Incident Management is a critical tool required by Emergency Managers during disasters. This tool helps emergency managers effectively manage healthcare responses throughout the emergency

  • Tired of not getting information on Power, Generator and Fuel status?
  • Need information on Operating and Evacuation Status?
  • Facilities not providing information on time?

Resource Management

Resource Management provides accurate information through real-time status reporting on available healthcare facility resources to the people in critical need. It provides a flexible, easy to use intuitive dashboards and data collection tools for emergency and or day to day operations support.

  • Not sure of which facilities have the resources you need?
  • Need accurate and timely Census?
  • Facilities not providing information on time?


HVA is a very powerful and flexible tool for risk assessment and emergency planning for public health and medical services.

  • Tired of consolidating spreadsheets?
  •  Need multiple user responses per facility?
  •  Want custom risk formulas?

Medical Special Need Shelters

Medical Special Need Shelters are designed to meet the needs of people who require assistance that exceeds services provided at a general population shelter. MSNS solution from ESF8 Portal ensures continuity in services and quality care to Shelterees, caregivers, and staff during their stay in a Medical Special Need Shelters.

  • Need to know the Shelteree Census?
  • Want information on Shelteree Medical Needs?
  • Not able to track the Shelteree movement?

We help emergency managers to effectively manage disasters and save lives

Easy Setup

Our software is meticulously designed to be flexible as no two states or region's risks and emergencies are alike. Configure the software to meet the requirements of your region


We understand that emergencies are all about saving time. We provide the right insights at the right time to all stakeholders. No technical skills are required.


We use the best technologies to encrypt our data. All communications between the applications is secured at multiple layers. Our software is hosted on private cloud which is 100% secure.

We love our clients

“Working with ESF8 Portal Team, we achieved what we believe is the only truly integrated suite of applications that are information-rich and easy to use for our stakeholders. It allows us to focus on making timely, data-based decisions – not wasting time manually trying to gather source data from the field.”

Henry Y. – Emergency Preparedness Program Manager, Louisiana DHH