Medical Special Need Shelters

Manage Special Need Shelter with Ease During Emergencies

Shelteree Census and Vitals

Provide detailed information on Shleteree Census and vitals based on your regional needs

Shelteree Medical Needs

Get information on medical needs such as Dialysis Units, Ventilators, Electrical equipment

Shelteree Tracking

Track the movements and relocation data of the shelteree that helps to provide accurate location information to the families

Registration & Medical Assessment

Configurable and Electronic/Printable Medical Assessment forms that can be easily accessed

Employee Registry

Quick identification of employees assigned to each shelter and their availability

In-depth Analytics

Dashboards that instantly provides full information required to manage the special shelters

Powerful Alert System

Provides employee availability alerts throughout the State, Region, and Country

Mobile Access!!

You are no longer stuck at the desktop. Simply carry your tablet.


‘ESF8 Portal’s HVA allowed Louisiana healthcare facilities to truly move to a new dimension in hazard vulnerability analysis. Its ease of use, ability to configure by type of facility, and interactive graphic results go far beyond what is capable with spreadsheets. Finally, it allows the regional healthcare coalitions to instantly roll-up individual facility analyses into regional and even state-wide analyses. It is the next step in HVA.’
Henry Y. – Emergency Preparedness Program Manager, Louisiana DHH


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Manage Special Need Shelters With Ease During Emergencies