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Automate Risk Assessment And Emergency Planning

The features

HVA is most powerful and flexible tool for risk assessment and emergency planning for public health and medical services. Our meticulously-designed software and unmatched functionality help you get the best possible results for your emergency preparedness.


per year for Hospitals


per year for other facilities
  • Tired of consolidating spreadsheets?
  • Need multiple user responses per facility?
  • Want custom risk formulas?

Incident Management

Power, Generator and Fuel Status
Operating and Evacuation Status
Facility Compliance
Utility Providers
Track Contracts
Patient Tracking
Mobile App
Command Center

Resource Management

Service Status
Mobile App
Business Rules
Powerful Dashboards

Special Need Shelters

Shelteree Census and Vitals
Shelteree Medical Needs
Shelteree Tracking
Registration & Medical Assessment
Employee Registry
In-depth Analytics
Powerful Alert System
Mobile Access